Cash Automation

Installation & Training Team



We Talk Teller

We have assembled the best team in the business to deliver installation and training. They are former bank employees who can speak the language and will demonstrate the “How To’s” of using the machine and software in the life of the teller to ensure efficiency.   

Meet the Installation & Training Team


Nate Sapoch

Installation & Training Manager

Before joining QDS, Nate was Head Teller for 4 years with a community bank. He then joined QDS as a service technician and served in that role for 3 years specializing in cash automation. Nate now leads the installation and training team with a focus on making sure customers are comfortable with how to user cash automation in their branch environment.



Michael Henson.jpgMichael Henson

Installation & Training Specialist

Prior to joining QDS as an Integration & Training Specialist, Michael spent over six years within banking serving in a variety of positions including Head Teller and Vault Teller. During his time in the branch, he worked with five different teller systems.  In his role on the installation and training team, Michael supports customer during the implementation and on an ongoing basis to ensure the solution continues to meet the customer’s needs.