Cash Automation Products

SUZOHAPP RCS-100 - Convenient Recycling

The RCS-100 is a powerful behind-the-counter cash automator within hospitality, retail, leisure and public transport. Make this smart solution part of your daily operations and decision making, instead of spending hours on administration and counting. This ensures quick return of investment through dramatically improved cash management.

  • Lower Working Capital Our enterprise software makes it simple to monitor your inventory position in real time across your business.
  • mprove Cash Flow The RCS-100 fully automates your note handling to speed up the process allowing you to spend less time managing your cash.
  • Turn Cash Into Real Value Our on-site software coupled with the RCS-100 together provides full visibility and accurate reporting of cash cycle.
  • Increase Time Savings Automated till dispense to increase efficiency at the start and end of shifts, reducing human reporting errors and increasing accountability.

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