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SUZOHAPP RCS-800 - Coin Recycler

The RCS-800 is an innovative cash processing solution developed in cooperation with leading international retailers and CIT operators. By streamlining cash administration and verification procedures, the system enables faster, more efficient cashier routines for collecting cash floats and depositing the full day of takings. Manual packaging of cash is eliminated. The CIT operator can keep a close check on cash flow data and reduce coin loads and optimize collection cycles in order to minimize environmental impact from cash transport.

  • Efficient Cash Handling With the RCS Solutions you take control of your cash through an efficient cash cycle all the way around, from internal cash handling to CIT operations. High recycling capacity up to 25,000 coins for 8 denominations.
  • Best-In-Class Cash Handling Technology The heavy duty cash recycler, together with its proven sensor technology, makes it one of the strongest solutions on the market.
  • 24/7 Makes cash handling an easy process every day - all year round.
  • Scalable Solution The RCS-800 is compatible with several note units. The scalable solution can be designed after your specific needs.

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