Cash Automation for the Back Office

Time Savings with Automation

We have multiple drawers that we count down on a daily basis and we wanted to improve our end-of-day process. With automation, we have been able to reduce the time it takes to close out the day by more than 50% and it now takes less than 1 minute to count a drawer.

Teresa Nichols
Wilkes County Tax Office

Potential .5 to 2 FTE Reduction

50% Reduction in Cash Shrinkage

Accelerate Cash Procedures & CIT Preparation

How Automation Helps the Back Office

Fast-track counting, accelerate deposits and reduce the risk of shrinkage, all while minimizing the interruption of the armored courier. With the time saved, redeploy back office staff to customer centric activities and put your customer first. In today’s rapid retail environment remote visibility and diagnostic is essential and retail automation solutions deliver.

Cash Automation Technology


Hyosung MoniSafe 500

Fast, high capacity, cassette based cash recycler for high volume branches