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Accelerate your branch transformation journey with ITM technology, we’ll help you find the right solution.

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Cash Recycler

Recyclers drive the ability to enhance customer experience, deepen relationships, streamline the staffing model, and improve security.

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Give your clients the experience and convenience they deserve with the ATMs you offer.

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Chose a partner that puts you and your clients time and convenience above all.

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Branch Transformation

Improve customer experience and capitalize on new solutions with Branch Transformation.

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Remove the strain of managing your fleet by outsourcing your ATM fleet with QDS.

How should your institution automate?

Walk through the solutions that can elevate your client's experience within your institution.


1. Desktop Solutions

The daily balancing process does not have to be long and cumbersome. Save time with cash automation by removing the manual steps and interruptions.

With desktop cash automation you can run the money through the machine and let it do the work. This will reduce the time it takes to complete daily tasks like counting and balancing.

QDS Desktop

2. Automate Your Teller Line

Teller cash recyclers are the next step in automating your branch. When clients are in your institution they should be your staffs main focus. By entrusting counting to be done by a TCR machine your tellers get that opportunity to connect back.

Improve your branch operations by increasing the accuracy and speed of your staff. With a TCR you also get your head teller back. Their trips to the vault decrease drastically and they are able to help your staff perform at their best to serve your clients.

QDS Hyosung MS500

3. Elevate Your Branch with ATMs or ITMs

Engaging your clients by providing great customer service is always your top focus, but what about when your branches are closed or you are not available to help them? Your ATM or ITM then becomes an extension of your branch so your client's experience should be consistent and seamless. 

Give your clients as many capabilities as possible with the ATM or ITM solutions you deploy that align with your strategy. Extend your brand by customizing your graphics screens, machines, and kiosks. 


QDS Hyosung 7600DA
Remote Cash Capture


Looking to strengthen treasury relationships and help your commercial clients manage every aspect of their cash handling process? We can help your institution get back in the driver’s seat of the retail relationship via remote cash capture.

Remote cash capture is designed to strengthen your customer relationships while generating revenue opportunities for your institution.

  • Deposit Manager is an advanced, integrated solution that streamlines the cash deposit process
  • Allows merchants at any location to run reports and view deposit histories online, 24x7
  • Can be configured in three ways, depending on your needs
  • Your institution no longer has to manage the incoming data files
QDS Tidel smart safe

5. Service

In any relationship picking the right partner is crucial to the success of the relationship. There are always other options, but at the end of the day, you want someone who will support and protect you. QDS is that partner.

  • All of our technicians and staff are in-house employees that fit the culture of this faith-based, family-owned company.
  • We are willing to sacrifice profitability to ensure excellent customer service.
  • We guarantee a 97% uptime for your ATM fleet and uphold a money-back guarantee if this is not met.
  • Our response time is structure around your convenience so our team will call you to schedule service within 30 minutes of service being requested.

We can be handed your trust on the first day we meet but we earn your trust throughout the rest of our relationship. That is how we maintain our customer retention.

QDS ATM & Cash Automation Service


Since first hitting the market more than five years ago, Interactive Teller Machines (ITMs) have grown in popularity among financial institutions nationwide. Today, an increasing number of FIs are evaluating the role of ITMs in their short- and long-term strategic plans.

Many are even wondering if ITMs will eventually make ATMs obsolete and if now is the time to start investing in this technology. It is estimated that you can implement roughly 15 to 20 ITMs for the cost of a branch. If you’re looking to expand into a new market or better service an area within your existing market, ITMs can help.



Financial institutions are reinventing the branch to improve the consumer experience and capitalize on new solutions that empower the customer while helping to reduce costs.

Video teller ATMs and self-service kiosks are key technologies that are driving branch transformation.


Cash Recyclers

Recyclers drive the ability to enhance customer experience, deepen relationships, streamline the staffing model, and provide security.

By automating the handling of cash through devices like cash recyclers, branch staff are free to focus on the most important thing: our customer or member.

Cash automation increases the accuracy and speed with which transactions are completed and improves the way the branch operates. 




Are you looking at ATMs as a strategy to support or grow your financial institution?

ATMs are an extension of your brand and consumers remember their last best experience. Let a QDS industry expert share with you how your financial institution can give consumers the best experience.



We offer service on everything we sell and the majority of what is in the market. Additionally, we lose less than 1% of our service contracts annually, mostly due to industry consolidation.

Why should you choose QDS as your branch automation technology partner? Because our priority is always the customer and we maintain a steadfast commitment to providing the highest level of service. To best serve you, we have compiled a comprehensive team of experts to help you identify the solutions to fit your needs, install and train for adoption success, and provide ongoing support and service to ensure the longevity of your investment.



ATM Outsourcing relieves you of the costs of owning and hassle of managing ATMs so that you can focus on serving your customers or members and growing your institution.

We offer a turnkey outsourced program where we handle everything ATM-related for your institution.


ITM Buying Guide

The ITM Buying Guide

No matter where you are in the ITM buying journey, QDS will provide you with valuable insights into this self-service technology. From strategy development to solution implementation, our ITM Buying Guide can help you make more informed and confident decisions every step of the way.


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