2022 Budget Planning

Implement technology to improve client experience in your branches

FI Budget Planning for 2022

This page lays out key areas to consider as you strategize your 2022 budget and how you'd like to impact client experience with your business. We focus on prioritizing interactions over transactions.

Customer Experience is a major priority in banking today. Consider the content below as you prepare for 2022 and beyond. We'll help you come up with a winning game plan to prepare you for a year of success!

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The Branch and Automation

Increased Need for Automation

The banking industry has changed drastically. Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, many FIs are struggling with staffing shortages and other operational challenges that may become a major hindrance in 2022 and beyond to the current business model.

Automation technology has become increasingly important to reconcile these difficulties and to facilitate service needs in short-staffed branches.


TCRs are a powerful tool in today's market that increase efficiency in branch locations and lessen the burden of cash-handling for your staff.

Key TCR Benefits

Some essential benefits of Teller Cash Recyclers include:

  • Faster Transaction Speeds
  • Increased Efficiency
  • Increased Security
  • Improved Client Relations
  • Enhance Universal Staffing Model

Click the button below to explore our Teller Cash Recyclers page and become a TCR expert!

The Cost of a TCR

TCR price ranges can tend to vary depending on the type of machine, maintenance costs, depreciation of the technology, etc.

In this section, we'll discuss not only the capital of a TCR but also the ROI of the machine as it allows you to cut down on labor costs and increase efficiency, saving you opening and closing time which— as we all know— is money!

TCR Cost Breakdown

The typical capital cost of a TCR is:

  • $30,000 - $42,000 (for purchase and installation)
  • $9,000-$12,000 / year (including depreciation and maintenance)

As the machine reduces your annual labor costs, this amount can easily come out of the money you save on FTEs with TCRs.



Cash Discriminators

As cash deposits continue to increase across the banking industry, automated cash handling can be a useful tool for eliminating errors and denominating deposits.

Cash discriminators are money counters that read mixed currency. Cash discriminators' use cases include:

  • Counting and Authenticating Cash
  • Counting, Facing, and Orienting Cash
  • Processing Night Drop Bags More Efficiently
  • Quickly Process Cash Deposits
  • Verify Accuracy of Teller:Teller Cash Transfers


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ITMs' Continued Market Adoption

ITMs remain an important tool for extending hours and enhancing self-service functionality. With core integration, ITMs allow you to drive greater efficiency while satisfying and providing value for your clients.

In 2021 and 2022, we continue to see ITMs help FIs overcome staffing challenges by offering greater transaction sets through the ATM channel, allowing clients to do more things over more hours, making convenience a top priority.

Cost Breakdown

The cost of an ITM depends on several features and functions that we will break down in this section.

ITM Types

There are a few types of ITMs, and different models will vary in cost.

  • Lobby ITMs range from $30,000 - $60,000
  • Drive-through ITMs range from $60,000 - $78,000, depending on recycling or standard functionality

Other Factors

Integration type and software may also affect pricing. Features such as Core Integration, ATM Switch Integration, and Active Teller may range from $100,000 - $150,000.

The ROI of an ITM

Problems in the Current Market

  • Base wages have risen to as much as $20/hr and continue to rise for tellers
  • Executives struggle to find talented candidates for their new hires in many markets

How ITMs Solve Staffing Problems

ITMs offer about 90% of transactions that a teller could complete in the branch. This can:

  • Allow your FI to complete transactions 24/7
  • Allows for fewer employees at branch locations
  • Allows you to reduce branch hours while accommodating more self-service functionality over longer hours

ITMs typically cost anywhere from $18,000 - $21,000 / year, including service, depending on how you depreciate the technology.

This price can make up for problems in your branches such as high teller turnover rates, an inability to effectively staff branch locations, and inflexible branch hours. As the machines handle a larger transaction load over a greater period of time, you're able to accommodate for staff shortages and keep the focus on better serving your clientele.



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Video Banking

Video Banking for Financial Institutions

Video banking deployments have continued to rise to address key challenges following the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. Not only are more FIs adopting ITM technology, but virtual and video banking solutions like POPi/o continue to drive sales operations.

Much like with ITMs, Video Banking allows you to provide self-service banking for your clients and centralize employees who specialize in areas such as key lending, account opening, and wealth management.

What is Video Banking?

Mobile and tablet video banking from our partner, POPiO, can add video into your FI's sales channel, including account opening and lending. Clients are able to get loans done with a banker in real time from the comfort of their home, work, or anywhere.

Learn more about our partner POPiO and how they can help you better serve your clients in a constantly changing market.


Bridge the physical and digital channels, create virtual branch experiences anywhere through video banking and capture revenue opportunities in real time.

Strategic Use Cases

  • Centralized lending - centralize staffing and deliver experts across branch networks and beyond without them being physically stationed at every branch. Further transitioning the movement of centralized tellers. 
  • Serve New Areas - Easily deploy personal relationships and trusted advisors through an entirely digital channel to new markets or areas where no branches are located. 


Benefits of Multi-Channel Video Banking:

  • In branch, mobile and web

  • Convenient (Ensure experts are in every branch with video banking and ensure consumers can bank when, where and how they want through mobile video banking. 

  • Fast & Easy (5 minute average call time)

  • 80% of video calls are related to some type of value-added transaction (loans/new accounts)

  • 95% Positive Feedback

Features of Video Banking:

  • Emotional recognition
  • Video check deposit
  • Video recordings
  • E-sign
  • Document exchange
  • Presentations
  • Screenshare & Co-Browse
  • Text chat
  • Customizable & automated workflows
  • Session review & Reporting
  • Dynamic call routing & Warm Transfers
  • Meetings (Multi-Party Video Collaboration)
  • Patented video collaboration benefits of video banking

Watch POPiO Webinar


POPi/o Video Banking

If you are eager to learn more about how your institution can implement video banking to offer a better experience for your clients click here! 

I want to learn more about video banking!

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Video Surveillance and Analytics Software

Video Management Solution (VMS)

A Video Management System (VMS) is the front-line security platform for your FI's branches. Generally, your surveillance solution should collect video from cameras and other sources, store the video to a storage solution, and provide an interface to observe live and recorded video across your enterprise.

In researching competitive VMS systems, QDS discovered most solutions are incredibly expensive, heavily proprietary, difficult to navigate and research, and a burden on IT departments to properly manage and update.  Additionally, most VMS systems are designed for large FI’s and commercial enterprises, not community banks and credit unions. 


PIKO is a non-proprietary, software-based surveillance solution designed to be open, secure, and user-friendly.

PIKO is a lightweight, easy to navigate, open architected IP video management system designed to make your monitoring and research experience simple.

With no enterprise requirements, PIKO’s cloud-based platform enables centralized remote access to all locations via browser, desktop, or mobile app with a single sign-on. PIKO is hardware independent, works with most IP and analog cameras, and supports all major operating systems.

Advantages of PIKO VMS

  • Seamless viewing and maintenance experience for desktop and mobile devices
  • Hyper-focus on specified areas while limiting the surveillance of other specified areas, allowing you to set unique perimeters to your business needs 
  • All-Inclusive Pricing Includes Full Functionality, Maintenance, and Support
  • Built-In Analytics (i.e., Object Detection, Heat Mapping, Line Crossing, and more)
  • Cloud-Based Global View of all Cameras/Locations
  • 7-Day Remote Maintenance and Monitoring
  • Weekly Audits of all Systems and Cameras
  • Windows & Firmware Updates/Patches
  • Lifetime Hardware Warranty
  • 90-Day Video Retention
  • Case Management Storage and Video/File Sharing



Learn More About PIKO

There are automation, integration, usability, cost of ownership, and architecture advantages to the PIKO system that could benefit your financial institution.

Learn more about the PIKO platform and its benefits by taking a look at the brochure below!


Screen Shot 2021-10-18 at 8.11.06 PM


Learn More and Schedule a Demo!

Get in touch with our expert on the Piko VMS, our Director of Digital Solutions!

He can help you understand the system and whether it's a good fit for your institution.

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The Service Provider Dilemma

Entering 2022, we encourage you to review your service options. Do you have too many vendors to keep up with? Are your contracts always renewing at different times? Is now a good time to think about managed services and relieve pressure from your internal team?

At QDS, we've been successful by doing what we say we are going to do. We aim to tie our success to yours and deliver the exceptional service necessary to keep your FI up and running.

We know you don't want your devices down, especially at crucial times. We're here to help! With our 97+% uptime guarantee, we're sure we won't let you down!

What does it mean to win with service?

Understand what is it like to work with a winning service provider and the difference it can make for your institution. 

Watch the Video

Your Vendor

Many FIs have reduced the internal operational burden by enlisting the help of ATM and ITM vendors to do the heavy-lifting.

QDS' Managed Services specializes in remote service. By integrating with your FI's system, we're able to resolve most issues without physically entering your branches.



If you’d like your contracts to revolve around accountability of your devices operability, QDS might be the partner for you. We believe the key factor of channel success is: UPTIME. 

While a provider's response time can be important, the most important thing is that your devices are working for your clients. 


What is the first step to 2022?

If you have questions around how these solutions can support your 2022 planning we would like the opportunity to outline that for you. Click below and a member of our executive team will reach out to discuss your strategy and where QDS can help. 

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