Why Choose QDS?

We put the customer experience at the center of our cash automation technology.


The Technology You Need from a Partner You Can Trust

At QDS, "trust" isn’t merely a word in a tagline. Trust is at the core of what we have been building for more than 40 years. In a crowded marketplace filled with transactional vendors, we seek to be your partner who comes alongside you to help you make smart, sound decisions for your financial institution.

You'll always have options to choose from, which is why we'll always work tirelessly to earn your business and trust, and even harder to keep them.

Sean Farrell-1
“We are here to guarantee the success of our customers. That means keeping our promises, providing selfless guidance and strategic input, and making changes and adjustments when we need to go above and beyond. That is how we fulfill our mission as dedicated partners of the financial institutions we are honored to serve.”
Sean Farrell

What You Can Expect from QDS

Unparalleled Industry Knowledge + Expertise

With a rich history spanning more than four decades, QDS has established itself as a leader in helping financial institutions leverage cutting-edge cash automation, ATM, and ITM technology to automate cash handling and elevate the customer experience.

Combining our solutions-based approach with our extensive product knowledge and industry expertise, we will work tirelessly to help you identify and implement the technology you need for your institution.



Always Delivering More Than the Status Quo

At QDS, we know your financial institution is facing new challenges every single day, as innovation continues to reshape what it means to provide an exceptional customer experience.

Your goal is to develop deeper, more meaningful relationships through new, on-demand financial solutions. Our goal is to help you do just that through transformational customer experiences, while boosting your revenue and your competitive advantage.

Innovative Problem-Solvers You Can Count On

As a financial institution, we know you are often met with vendors encouraging you to solve tomorrow’s challenges with yesterday’s technology. At QDS, we know the investment decisions you make today are decisions you need to feel confident about for years to come.

More than that, you also deserve a cash automation partner who keeps their promises, who you can rely on for forward-thinking solutions and a deep commitment to your success. 

With QDS as your partner, you can trust we are not here to sell you products. We serve you by connecting you with innovation solutions that will help you solve existing and potential operational challenges, while also positioning you for long-term success.



Faith-based, Family-owned, Values-driven Company

A company having a set of core values is not unique. However, at QDS, we believe we live out the execution of our core values through service to our customers differently. Instead, our core values being treated as a set of aspirations, as a faith-based and family-owned company of more than 40 years, our core values drive every decision we make. 

At QDS, we not only consider ourselves servants to our customers, we also answer to a Higher Power. How we treat our customers, our members, and even our communities is how we express and embody these deeply held beliefs. What does this mean for you? You can trust every interaction you have with us is firmly rooted in honesty, integrity, expertise, teamwork, passion, responsiveness, and reliable communication. 

The QDS Core Values


Communication is the key to our success, both internal and with our clients, we believe in always communicating where we are and the plan going forward.


We pride ourselves on being the most responsive company in our business. Whether sales, service or any other issue, we are committed to promptly getting to your request.


Our team strives to constantly improve our knowledge base and make sure our customers receive the greatest benefit for the investments they make with QDS.


We believe in conducting our business in the most open and honest way in all interactions.


We believe that Integrity is the cornerstone of our business, and that doing what we say we are going to do is paramount to our success.


While others may be able to mimic some of our processes, no one can replace the passion with which we serve our customers.


We find one of our core strengths is how we work together to solve challenges across all departments and from top to bottom in our organization.