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In the August edition of the QDS newsletter Sean Farrell, CEO of QDS, discusses Anti-Microbial Solutions in the ATM channels from Hyosung, along with a recording of the latest NBS webinar from QDS. Level5 Leverages Technology Expertise of QDS in the Re-Fi program. Three Banks in Pensacola choose QDS for ATM Outsourcing. Two new blogs launched this month as well; How Cash Discriminators Can Improve TCR Performance and Top Four Reasons Your ITMs Should Recycle. 

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Alabama ONE CU partners with QDS and Hyosung to Deliver Core-Integrated ITM Experience

Alabama ONE CU, based in Tuscaloosa, AL, and Quality Data Systems, Inc. (QDS) out of Charlotte, NC, have partnered together for an ITM roll out over the next 3 years. 

Alabama ONE’s progressive leadership team saw the value in integrating units to their core systems, Corelation’s Keystone, and also the value of cash recycling providing in Hyosung’s 8300 series of ATMs and ITMs.  The CU plans to improve drive-through efficiency as well as adding lobby self-service to drive enhanced member experiences and functionality.

“Our team simply loved how QDS does business.  It’s refreshing to have a vendor truly lookout for your interests and help make the right decisions to advance our CU.  We are excited to implement the new ITM technology from Hyosung to advance our member experience and help them achieve their financial goals.” – Myke Brown, Director of Retail Operations

Alabama ONE will be focused on Hyosung’s 8300 series of ITMS, pairing core connectivity, video teller assistance when needed, and lobby self-service devices to quickly handle traditional transactions.  The model will allow Alabama ONE to focus its staff on member interaction, education, and ultimately guide their membership to financial success.

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Five Star

Five Star Credit Union Grows ITM Fleet and Adds Recycling Functionality

Five Star Credit Union, based in Dothan, AL, continues to strengthen its relationship with QDS, Inc by increasing the number of Interactive Teller Machines (ITMs) it offers members.

In 2019, Five Star installed 12 ITMs in three new branches. The adoption of the ITM technology has been much more successful than Five Star expected.

After the successful first round of ITM purchases, Five Star has ordered an additional nine ITMs to begin converting legacy ATMs into ITM functionality. 

The new ITMs will include cash recycling as a feature allowing for greater cash deposits, less frequent loading/unloading, and reduced staff time spent maintaining the machine.

“Our members took to the ITM concept right away,” said Tyler Beck, chief operating officer at Five Star Credit Union. “All of our branches with the ITM technology saw transaction rates increase with very little pushback.

We can offer extended hours, Saturday hours, and let our members know they can access their accounts 24 hours a day. This frees up staff to help members open accounts, begin the loan process, and solve problems.”

Five Star Credit Union is looking to install the new Hyosung 8300 series ITMs in the third and fourth quarter of 2020. They have become a leader in ITM technology in Alabama and the QDS family.




First Bank Press Release

(Charlotte, NC, October 16, 2018) Southern Pines based First Bank has signed an agreement with QDS to replace their entire Diebold ATM fleet with Hyosung ATMs. The move sets the bank up for compliance with Windows 10 and enables new managed service technology to deliver maximum uptime to First Bank customers. By adding some devices with key future technologies, the bank is positioned to offer new services at key locations, while maintaining high availability to all locations.


Pros and cons

What are the Pros and the Cons of ITMs?

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