Cash Recyclers

Why Should I Automate

By automating the handling of cash through devices like cash recyclers, branch staff are free to focus on the most important thing: our customer or member. Cash automation increases the accuracy and speed with which transactions are completed and improves the way the branch operates.

The Impact of Cash Automation

Cash Automation Technology

7000 NT5.png

CIMA 7000

Rolled Storage Module cash recycler ideal for low volume branches


Hyosung MoniSafe 500

Fast, high capacity, cassette based cash recycler for high volume branches



Machine includes an bill reader with the latest technology for a more accurate counterfeit detection

We Talk Teller

One of the most important factors in the success of your cash recycler is the proper training. We have assembled the best team in the business to deliver installation and training. They are former bank employees who can speak the language and will demonstrate the “How To’s” of using the machine and software in the life of the teller to ensure efficiency. The team can also develop custom operating manuals and best practice guides, and offers remote support.

Meet The Installation & Training Team

Cash Automation


Reduce Costs & Improve the Branch Experience