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Explore how your FI can reduce vault trips by 90%, allowing you to focus on your customers.

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One of the most important factors in the success of your cash recycler is the proper training. We have assembled the best team in the business to deliver installation and training.

They are former bank employees who can speak the language and will demonstrate the “How To’s” of using the machine and software in the life of the teller to ensure efficiency. The team can also develop custom operating manuals and best practice guides and offers remote support.

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Hoping to learn everything there is to know about Teller Cash Recyclers in today's fast-paced market? We've laid out all of the must-know information about these machines on our webpage.

We lay out details like TCR key benefits, current market leaders, integration, and more.

Help us help you find the right solutions for your institution prepare your FI for success. 


Why Should I Automate

By automating the handling of cash through devices like cash recyclers, branch staff are free to focus on the most important thing: our customer or member.

Cash automation increases the accuracy and speed with which transactions are completed and improves the way the branch operates. 


What is a Cash Recycler



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How can cash recyclers (TCRs) improve branch operations?

It's not just the technology itself that makes an impact, but also the way cash recyclers can improve the way the teller line operates. Recyclers drive the ability to enhance customer experience, deepen relationships, streamline the staffing model, and provide security.

This cash recycler infographic download is a great way to walk through some of the benefits of TCRs in a visual way. If you would like more insight into these machines, read more here


Automating is Essential

"I have been in the banking industry for over 30 years and I will never open another branch without a cash recycler."

Assistant VP, First Community Bank



Reduction in Vault Trips

2 vs 3

Two Tellers Doing the Work of Three


More Customer Interaction Time

Cash Automation Technology

Block Image


Cassette-based teller cash recycler for high volume branches

Block Image

Hyosung MoniSafe 500

Fast, high capacity, cassette-based cash recycler for high volume branches

Block Image

Atec LTA-450

High capacity, cassette-based cash recycler for high volume branches

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5 Reasons You Should Reconsider TCRs

5 Reasons You Should Reconsider TCRs

“We tried those, we could’ve hand-counted the money faster”

“It didn’t hold enough money, so we spent more time unloading the thing than anything else”

If these sound like you, check out this short read!

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