Looking to strengthen treasury relationships and help your commercial clients manage every aspect of their cash handling process? CASHINTEGRITY puts the financial institution back in the driver’s seat of the retail relationship.

Next-Generation Cash Management

Managing the deposit process remains both labor- and risk-intensive for many retailers, eroding profitability.

CASHINTEGRITY: Deposit Manager from QDS is designed to strengthen your customer relationships while generating revenue opportunities for your institution.

  • Deposit Manager is an advanced, integrated solution that streamlines the cash deposit process
  • Allows merchants at any location to run reports and view deposit histories online, 24x7
  • Can be configured in three ways, depending on your needs
  • Your institution no longer has to manage the incoming data files

Remote Cash Capture Management

Deposit Manager maximizes the benefits of smart safe devices and leverages armored carrier relationships to streamline your customers’ operations, improve security, increase cash availability, provide fingertip balance and reconciliation reporting, reduce costs and facilitate a single cash management relationship regardless of geographical location.

  • New Revenue Opportunities
  • Strengthen Customer Relationships
  • Provide Provisional credit on cash deposits
  • Core Integration
  • Create a multi-year treasury agreements



Remote Cash Capture from QDS


Order Manager

Initiate Change Orders & CIT Integration


Safe Hardware

Agnostic & Lower Costs

Managed Services

Managed Services

Device Agnostic & Expand Relationships


Deposit Manager

Provisional Credit & Core Integration


Remote Manager

Software Updates & Admin Rights


Our commitment to delivering the leading customer-centric technology and services makes us your ideal partner for cash and logistics management.

Key Benefits

  • Improved relationships with your merchant customers
  • An offering that is competitive with armored services
  • Opportunities to cross-sell additional treasury services
  • New fee-income revenue opportunities
  • Flexibility to provide provisional credit on cash deposits
  • Seamless integration with your core platform
  • Banking relationships beyond your current geographic footprint


What QDS provides

  • Managed Services
  • Hardware
  • Connection to the safe
  • Online access to cash deposit and balances
  • Integration with banks for daily provisional credit posting
  • Service of Hardware


Tidel Series

Tidel smart safes provide advanced technological features that enable the automation of cash management functions within a busy retail environment.

How Smart Safes Work

How Smart Safes Work

Customers insert cash into safes, where cash is counted, verified and securely stored.
Deposit Manager connects directly to the safe to provide users complete cash deposit and balance information online.
Optional daily credit is available for cash placed in the safe.
Armored carrier picks up cash and takes it to the bank, and delivers change order.

Accelerate Your Mission

CASHINTEGRITY is driving innovation in the financial industry, putting the banks in charge of the relationship. Accelerate your mission with QDS, operate more efficiently, grow your bottom line and strengthen your relationships. Let QDS enhance the way you support your clients. 

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