Your Career, Your Future at QDS


We’ve made a promise of excellence to all QDS customers. Since 1983, we’ve kept that promise by creating a company where hardworking, values-driven people can find purpose, fulfillment, and fun in what they do. We’re a Super Bowl-caliber team in our industry, and now we’re looking for our next class of rising stars. Could one of them be you?


At QDS, Our Values Are Everything

In addition to being awarded 11th Overall Top Workplace by The Charlotte Observer, we were honored as the 1st Overall in Values as a Top Workplace, out of more than 2,000 businesses in the area, based on employee feedback. Our core values act collectively as our compass — a set of steadfast promises we keep to our customers and each other every single day.

Career Growth Possibilities at QDS

As a top performer, you’re always looking for opportunities to expand your talents, refine your skill sets, and advance in your career. When you work hard at QDS, we invest in you to make sure that growth is possible.


Career Advancement Paths

We’re firm believers in promoting from within. So, although we are always looking to recruit new talent to join QDS, know that when you become a member of our family, there are many growth and advancement opportunities waiting for you.

Play the video to hear Chad, AJ, and Sam share their QDS growth stories.


Leadership Development

At QDS, we’re in the people business, meaning we want to create better, servant-minded humans, not just employees. That is our true legacy. Through our leadership development programs, we help equip our people to have a more successful life, not just a better job, and that is by design.

Pictured is our inspiring 2024 Class of QDS Emerging Leaders.

Growth at QDS by the Numbers

112 (2024)

Employees (29% growth YOY)

18 Internal Promotions

In the last 12 months

14 (2024)

Emerging leaders at QDS

We’re Hiring at QDS!

Become a part of a company that invests in your success. 

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Field Technicians Matter at QDS

Being a field technician can often feel like a thankless job, where you’re nothing more than a number in a spreadsheet, with little to no work-life balance. At QDS, you matter! You take care of our customers, so we take care of you. We have dedicated training programs designed to help you flourish and grow.

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“My favorite thing about QDS is the people. The way we all look out for one another, the way we behave and act like a family and look out for one another, and that's the thing that has attracted me, and that's the reason why I'm still here. This is my 15th year with QDS and I've loved every minute of it — again, it’s like having a family away from home and that's a beautiful thing. A lot of times when you go to work, you can't wait to get back home because it's so toxic at work, but not here. When you go to work (at QDS), you feel like you are with your next family, family away from home.”
Valentine Mills
Field Technician
Keith Potts
“One of the things that really makes my job a lot easier is the technicians that service the customers. They just really take an interest and want to be the best in the industry, but they are also my eyes and ears. So, if they hear that there's an opportunity for another sale of a product that we don't have in that particular bank or credit union, they pick up the phone and call me or they'll text me. Tim Johnson for example, he's my technician in north Alabama. He is like an extension of the sales team. He's always, always looking for sales opportunities — but not only Tim, but all the technicians. I'm just so thankful for all their hard work and dedication and their communication.”
Keith Potts
Sales Representative

Explore QDS Team Opportunities

Discover how your unique experience and skills can translate into a new career.

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Professional Services

Guide our customers to maximize the potential of their technology with specialized software configuration support.

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Project Management

Help our customers deploy the new financial systems and solutions they need to modernize and streamline their operations.



Fuel the growth of QDS by purposefully expanding customer relationships and unearthing new opportunities for us to be of service.


Managed Services

Help QDS customers drive efficiency, increase uptime, streamline operations, and solve their most pressing problems quickly.


Office Management

When QDS runs efficiently, so do the operations of our customers. Help us foster and maintain an efficient, welcoming environment at QDS.

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Customer Care

Become a steward of our critical relationships, handling incoming calls and service requests, when our customers need us most.

QDS Employee Benefits

Medical, Dental, & Vision

Vacation, Paid Holidays, & Sick Time

Maternity and Paternity Leave

401K + Matching

Company Bonus Program

Chaplaincy + Employee Care

QDS Company Culture

What’s it like to work at QDS? We’re so glad you asked!


We’re Proud of Our Culture

You can't define our company culture with a single pizza party or even our unforgettable company gatherings – although our annual meetings are pretty epic, if we do say so ourselves. 

But the foundation of that fun is a culture where team members feel recognized and empowered to grow. We’re also proud of the systems we’ve put in place to support and scale our “Thank you!” culture, such as our quarterly recognition awards and our internal employee shout-out platform. 

Every single member of the QDS family contributes to this culture through their teamwork, their commitment to our core values, and a collective attitude that we all win together.

“Everybody here wants you to succeed. Everybody believes in everybody that comes into the door. All you have to do is put in the work, and you will do well here. The culture really is like a family. We're very loving, we're very caring of each other. We want to help take care of each other, help anybody that needs anything done.

Patrick ANdrews - QDS

QDS is like nowhere else. I didn't know a job could be like this. We recognize people when they go above and beyond. We recognize what impact they have to the team and the company and the culture.”

Patrick Andrews, Senior Field Service Manager

All Managers Meeting-41

What It Means to Work at QDS

Do we have high expectations for our team members? Absolutely. We’re hardworking people with a “GSD” mentality. As a member of the QDS family, we expect you to work hard, embody our core values, and be a servant-minded human. But the reward is a high-energy, authentic company culture that has stood the test of time, with incredible customers who are genuinely good people.

The QDS Core Values


Communication is the key to our success, both internal and with our clients, we believe in always communicating where we are and the plan going forward.


We pride ourselves on being the most responsive company in our business. Whether sales, service or any other issue, we are committed to promptly getting to your request.


Our team strives to constantly improve our knowledge base and make sure our customers receive the greatest benefit for the investments they make with QDS.


We believe in conducting our business in the most open and honest way in all interactions.


We believe that Integrity is the cornerstone of our business, and that doing what we say we are going to do is paramount to our success.


While others may be able to mimic some of our processes, no one can replace the passion with which we serve our customers.


We find one of our core strengths is how we work together to solve challenges across all departments and from top to bottom in our organization.
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Serving Our Communities

Through Team Lionheart or our 501c(3), Lionheart Charities, we aim to be a shining light in a dark world by giving back to the communities and customers we are honored to serve. Whether that service is through meaningful ministry opportunities or responding when tragedy strikes with our customers, Team Lionheart is how we embrace our higher calling.


Cultivating Trust + Growth at QDS

QDS is dedicated to creating a transparent and supportive workplace. Trust and mutual respect drive our culture, enhancing teamwork and success. We believe in creating a community where everyone feels valued and heard, making QDS not just a workplace but a family.

Hear directly from COO Kevin Donovan and CRO Kevin Karrels about the importance of transparency at QDS.