Branding Solutions

QDS helps your FI find the most remarkable branding solutions to distinguish your institution’s unique voice.

Brand with QDS!

As your business partners, QDS has a vested interest in elevating your FI’s brand identity. We offer a variety of solutions designed to highlight your branded elements and create a cohesive identity across all of your banking channels.

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Highlight your branding elements like brand colors, logo, and tagline

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Distinguish your brand's voice and make it heard

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Utilize great visual and graphic design to make your machines more aesthetically pleasing

ATM Graphic Screens

When configuring your fleet to the latest in NBS software, QDS puts your FI’s priorities on your machines' screens.

We work with your team and our design resources to create a defined brand experience for your clients. Whether you decide to have your designers create your images or prefer to outsource the work to our team, we’ll help you create welcome and promotional screens that interest and engage users. If you’re hoping to instruct users throughout the transaction process or promote deals and offerings your institution is advertising, QDS will help you build screens to get the word out to your clients.

Branded ATM Graphic Screen


ATM Wrap One   ATM Wrap Two


ATM Wraps

Much like in graphic screen creation, you have the option to utilize your own design resources or the QDS team. Your machines will have a customized skin, or wrap, that QDS will print and apply in-house before your machines are installed at your branches.

A customized wrap with your brand’s colors, logo, and other eye-catching elements will make your machines all the more recognizable and appealing to your clients, unifying your brand voice across your entire fleet. Enhancing the appearance of your ATMs and ITMs can better your fleet’s branding and increase consumers’ top of mind awareness for your financial institution.

ATM Canopies

ATM canopies and surrounds are a great way to make your machines noticeable from afar and capture your clients’ attention. With the construction of canopies, QDS creates metal kiosks and enclosures that are unique to your FI, spotlighting your brand’s colors and elements. No matter the location of your machine, a canopy will make it recognizable right away, even if it’s not near a branch location.

Not only is this an aesthetically pleasing way to appeal to your clients, it also offers a protective exterior that can prevent rain damage and weathering.


First Bank Canopy


LED Surround

Looking for a solution that will capture attention any time of day or night? Our business partner Sterling assists us in customizing designer surrounds for ATMs. They manufacture their products and create surrounds out of aluminum, fiberglass, millwork, plastic, and LED panels, incorporating bright and eye-catching designs that will make your brand and machines stand out. Whether you’re hoping to invest in a full LED surround or just a topper to light the way for your clients, we have a solution for your machines.

You’ll work closely with the QDS team who will guide you through the process and turn your vision into a reality. We install your accessories and provide quality assurance and superior customer service to ensure an excellent experience with your provider.

Ready to make your brand voice heard?

Whether it's a QDS solution or a competitor solution, we want to help you reach your branch goals. Have additional questions about branding solutions for your FI? We're help to help.

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