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Joe Farrell, President of QDS

Listen to this short video about the impacts of cash discriminators in the branch and how they can play a major role in your institution. 

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Applications of Cash Discriminators

  • Count and Authenticate cash quickly
  • Process and print receipts of commercial deposits
  • Reduce headcount necessary for processing Night Deposit Bags
  • Count, Face, and Orient incoming Fed Shipments
  • Reverify cash totals for out of balance Tellers
  • Count, Balance, Sort, and Batch ATM mixed cash deposits
  • Verify accuracy of Teller to Teller cash transfers
  • Process cash deposits unsuitable for TCR
  • Check denomination accuracy in TCD cassettes
  • Fitness sort for ATM self-loading

Featured Products

Hitachi IH-110

The iH-110 by Hitachi is a reliable, precise, and multi-functional cash discriminator.


  • 1300 notes per minute value counting
  • Mix, Auto, Count, Face/Orient Modes
  • Counterfeit Detection & Serial Number Recognition
  • Software Integration
  • High-speed Image processing technologies
  • Advanced sensor technologies
  • 2 teller user mode indicator/ Multi-user mode/ Full color touch screen

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Kisan Newton A

World’s best with Kisan Newton A 1+1 pocket Value Counter

  • Precise counterfeit detection
  • US Dollar Detection (TMR 18CH)
  • High speed 1500 NPM
  • Serial Number Reading (OCR)
  • Minimize product variation
  • Improved sensors

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Customer Testimonials

"I wanted to let you know that we received rave reviews for the install and training at the Rolesville branch location.  Thank you so much for all you do to make our employees feel comfortable with the machines, it is much appreciated!"

"Thank you so much! Our teams are loving the machines by the way! "

"As always, it is a pleasure working with you guys!"

8 reasons FIs switch to QDS

8 Reasons Financial Institutions Switch To QDS

Perhaps you are new to QDS, and cash discriminators are the first item of cash automation you are looking at with us. Or, you are a long time cash automation client but have not done business with QDS up until now. Take a look at this short read to learn why our clients have come to us in the past and continue to choose us!

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5 Reasons You Should Reconsider TCRs

5 Reasons You Should Reconsider TCRs

“The integration never worked right and we got out of balance and turned them off”

 “Our board won’t even let us look at those again after our last experience”

If these sound like you, check out this short read!

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