Diebold Opteva and NCR 30 Series Replacements

With Diebold and NCR discontinuing support for their Opteva and 30 Series machines, respectively, your financial institution needs new ATM technology you can rely on from a partner you can trust. 

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Diebold Opteva

What Happened to the Diebold Opteva?

In 2016, Diebold merged with Wincor-Nixdorf to form Diebold Nixdorf. Unfortunately, this joining of forces has resulted in some rather disruptive consequences, as they continue to implement cost-cutting measures to ensure profitability. Diebold is sunsetting support on the Opteva line of products to focus on support of CS series and now DN series technology.

What Happened to the NCR 30 Series?

Unlike Diebold, which was able to merge with Wincor-Nixdorf to move forward, NCR put itself up for sale a few years ago, but was unable to secure a buyer. As a result, NCR split itself into two entities — NCR Atleos (ATM and ITMs) and NCR Voyix (Retail POS software and Professional Services) — resulting in changes to  support. Many speculate this move is still to prime the market for sale of both entities.  NCR's current series of product, the 8o series, has been out now for some time allowing NCR to focus on supporting one series of ATMs and ITMs in the near term.


QDS Is Your ATM Technology Transition Partner

For more than 40 years, QDS has remained a steadfast leader in the cash automation industry. This is not only due to the extensive technical expertise and innovative solutions we offer, but also because of our deep knowledge and understanding of the industry as a whole. As you navigate the changes ahead, we’re the committed partner you can count on, putting your success as the reason for our success.

Supporting Your ATM Transition

Whether you’re looking to simply replace the technology you already have, or you’re considering this moment as an opportunity to rethink your branch technology, we can help.

Replace ATM Technology

Hand-selected by QDS due to their reliability, innovation, and unparalleled support, Hyosung offers a number of powerful ATM solutions you can count on to deliver the best-in-class customer experience your customers expect from your financial institution.

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New ITM Innovations

With the ongoing challenges in the branch environment, many FIs are looking to core-integrated ATMs or ITMs to extend hours of service and migrate mundane transactions to self-service, so staff can focus on the clients financial journey.

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Is Core Integration or ITM Technology Right for Your Financial Institution?


Why Switch to Hyosung ATM and ITM Solutions

Our philosophy at QDS is we want you to spend the right money on the ATM or ITM technology you need, not the most money. Hyosung empowers us to deliver on that promise with multiple ATM and ITM product lines that offer immense flexibility to your financial institution. Hyosung is the market leader in core integration and recycling solutions, delivering the most functionality to your self-service channel.

QDS As Your Preferred Hyosung Partner

In addition to our uptime guarantee for all of our ATM and ITM managed services customers, you will benefit from our strong relationship with Hyosung’s executive team. QDS has invested heavily in project management and professional services resources to ensure your project goes well and we can be the most responsive company to your needs.


Your Customers will Enjoy The WOW! Experience

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Make Your ATM Transition Seamless and Easy

While many other vendors will place the burden of project management and product delivery on the manufacturer or your internal team, we do things differently at QDS. Throughout your Diebold or NCR ATM transition (and beyond), we will be there to hold your hand through the process every step of the way. From solutions selection and installation, to construction, and signage, our in-house professional services and project management team is on your side working for your success.

First Clewiston
QDS and their values aligned well with ours. They were committed to putting a tech down here to essentially take care of our service needs while they were growing their business in South Florida. We took that promise as an important step in our relationship, and they haven’t wavered on any promises since.
Andrew Couse
COO First Bank of Clewiston

Why We're a Trustworthy Partner

QDS has the core values and talent to deliver your project with excellence.
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Industry Expertise

QDS is an established leader in helping financial institutions leverage cutting-edge cash automation, ATM, and ITM technology to automate cash handling and elevate the customer experience.
More Than Status Quo

More Than Status Quo

Your goal is to develop deeper relationships with your clients. Our job is to leverage cutting edge technology to maximize return on time and experience for your clients.


As a QDS customer, you can trust every interaction you have with us is firmly rooted in our values — honesty, integrity, expertise, teamwork, passion, responsiveness, and reliable communication.We walk the walk, not just talk the talk.

Why Switch to QDS

It’s harder than ever to find the cash automation support and service you need to provide an exceptional customer experience. Here are the reasons our current customers say they switched to QDS.

It’s hard to find honest service providers who operate with integrity.


Service providers lack the diverse solutions you need to succeed.


You’re feeling nickeled and dimed at every turn with hidden fees.


Lack of timely support and responsiveness when you need it most.


Finding a vendor who can handle it all, rather than needing multiple contracts.


You need a partner you can trust, who will keep their promises to you.


You need a partner who does the right thing, not the most profitable thing.


You must reduce operating expenses, but where do you even start?

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