If you’re looking to accelerate your branch transformation journey with ITM technology, we’ll help you find the right solution. From client experience to IT infrastructure to staffing models, there’s a lot to consider. We’ll guide you every step of the way.

Market Demand

Since first hitting the market more than five years ago, Interactive Teller Machines (ITMs) have grown in popularity among financial institutions nationwide. Today, an increasing number of FIs are evaluating the role of ITMs in their short- and long-term strategic plans. Many are even wondering if ITMs will eventually make ATMs obsolete, and if now is the time to start investing in this technology. If that describes you, it may be helpful to first understand what’s behind the demand for ITMs.

  1. The growing technology curve and the financial industry’s need to gain significant ground

  2. The ever-growing “Amazon Effect”

  3. The need to cut costs by replacing transactions with interactions

  4. The opportunity to capture a digital-first generation through a transformed physical environment
QDS Pros and Cons of ITMs

Branch Security

  • Enable the Use of Virtual Tellers
  • Reduce Cash Exposure in the Branch
  • Enable Security-Optimized Branch Layout

To learn three key ways ITMs can help enhance security in the local branch download our ITM buying guide. Then an ITM specialist can help you determine how to ITMs can help your security strategy.

QDS - Branch Security
QDS - Detach from the Branch

Detach from the Branch

One of the biggest gains of leveraging ITM technology is the flexibility of locations that ITMs can provide. Stand-alone drive throughs, eliminating tube systems, and off-site “branch in a box” type locations allow inexpensive expansion capability. Learn more about how to leverage ITMs for growth in our guide.


Future Proofing Your ATM Fleet

Are you ready to make the kind of investment that ITMs bring from a capital expenditures standpoint, or do you at least want to prepare yourself to add that functionality later?

Both Hyosung and NCR offer ATMs that can also be ITM-ready at any point, allowing FIs to future proof their ATM fleet. But is this investment right for your FI? Let’s examine some of the reasons why this might be the right approach for you.

  • You have ATMs currently in need of replacement and want to future-proof your investment
  • You’re considering expanding in the market and contemplating a branch vs. self-service growth strategy
  • You offer deposit automation at your ATMs and wonder if market demand will continue
QDS - Future Proof Strategy