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Hyosung M8800

Hyosung is revolutionizing the self-service industry. The 8800 is a multifunctional, cash recycling, on-demand tablet/video branch solution. The 8800 gives your consumers a choice on how to interact: self-service or with the help of on-demand tablet/video assistance. When deployed with our integrated software approach and video assistance support, the 8800 supports a wide range of transactions, not just ATM transactions. Learn why large and small institutions continue to deploy thousands of the 8800 series today, making Hyosung the fastest growing ATM company in the US.

  • INNOVATION Full function deposit capability, ability to deliver transactions through self-service or with the support of on demand tablets/video agents and recycling, the 8800 has helped make Hyosung the fastest growing ATM company in the US. High capacity recycling enables financial institutions to not only deliver convenience to consumers but creates efficiencies within the cash cycle. A footprint that enables placement in the area/space currently inhabited by a traditional ATM.
  • USABILITY A user interface specifically adapted to accommodate the full range of branch banking needs. A dual screen interface that enhances security and provides unparalleled video teller assistance. Multiple customer authentication options including contactless and biometrics.
  • HIGHEST AVAILABILITY Innovative modular design and high capacity allow industry-leading availability and serviceability. Fast, easy replenishment and reduced downtime. The 8880 is designed to provide reliability that is unequaled in the market, with minimum maintenance and maximum uptime.
  • CAPACITY High capacity, cash recycler capability and the ability to support multi-check function. FUNCTIONALITY The 8800 delivers an unparalleled range of transactions when deployed in conjunction with Hyosung’s innovative integrated software approach and powerful video assistance solutions.

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