ATM Outsourcing

Replaces the unpredictable operational costs of owning and operating ATMs with controlled, predictable expenses, and recurring revenues without the headache or hassle of managing ATMs

We offer a turnkey outsourced program where we handle everything ATM-related for your institution so that you can save time and money, re-purpose or reduce resources, and help keep your team focused on growing your institution.

 The Benefits of ATM Outsourcing

  • Reduced operating costs and revenue share
  • Leverage the latest technology and bundled capabilities
  • Less strain on resources
  • Improved customer service
  • Fewer compliance challenges
  • Service level guarantees

THE QDS DIFFERENCE: ALL Surcharge revenue returned to customer

What is included:

  • New ATM Hardware & Software 
  • First & Second Line Maintenance 
  • Remote Managed Services Suite
  • Kaba Mas Cencon Electronic Lock
  • Transaction Processing & Terminal Driving
  • Cash management tools including cash 
    forecasting and low-cash and out-of-cash alerts

Additional options:

  • Image Deposit Consolidator
  • Anti-Skimming Device, if applicable
  • Monitoring tools including email
  • Connectivity to all leading PIN debit networks 
    (Cirrus, NYCE, Plus, Pulse, Star, Exchange, AFFN, CU24, 
    EBT, and more)
  • 24/7 Online Web Portal
  • All Surcharge Revenue Returned to Customer 
  • All Compliance, Security & Software Upgrades
  • Communication setup & router (when required) 

Why Should I Automate?