ATM Outsourcing

Replaces the unpredictable operational costs of owning and operating ATMs with controlled, predictable expenses, and recurring revenues without the headache or hassle of managing ATMs

Outsourcing with QDS

We offer a turnkey outsourced program where we handle everything ATM-related for your institution so that you can save time and money, re-purpose or reduce resources, and help keep your team focused on growing your institution.

 The Benefits of ATM Outsourcing

  • Reduced operating costs and revenue share
  • Leverage the latest technology and bundled capabilities
  • Less strain on resources
  • Improved customer service
  • Fewer compliance challenges
  • Service level guarantees

THE QDS DIFFERENCE: ALL Surcharge revenue returned to the customer

What is included:

  • New ATM Hardware & Software 
  • First & Second Line Maintenance 
  • Remote Managed Services Suite
  • Kaba Mas Cencon Electronic Lock
  • Transaction Processing & Terminal Driving
  • Cash management tools including cash 
    forecasting and low-cash and out-of-cash alerts 


Additional options:

  • Image Deposit Consolidator
  • Anti-Skimming Device, if applicable
  • Monitoring tools including email
  • Connectivity to all leading PIN debit networks 
    (Cirrus, NYCE, Plus, Pulse, Star, Exchange, AFFN, CU24, 
    EBT, and more)
  • 24/7 Online Web Portal
  • All Surcharge Revenue Returned to Customer 
  • All Compliance, Security & Software Upgrades
  • Communication setup & router (when required)

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