QDS COVID-19 Response Plan

QDS is committed to keeping our employees, families, communities and our customers safe during this unprecedented time. You rely on us every day to perform service functions, we will continue to provide reliable service and our operations team is operating at full capacity.

Following our Business Continuity Plan, QDS has taken the steps to have office personnel work remotely and leadership is closely monitoring the rapidly changing environment and will make the best decisions to keep our employees and customers safe. QDS is able to leverage its infrastructure remotely so that operations can continue as normal with office employees working from home.

Many of our clients are closing branch lobbies or moving to drive through only solutions. QDS is committed to being a service provider as needed.

QDS COVID-19 Statement

Our Technicians:

  • Will be calling ahead to branches for PM work to ensure branch is taking vendors at that time and is comfortable with a visit
  • Are following best CDC guidance, and are also using rubber gloves for service calls

  • Will not be working on ATMs after dark. With the growing challenges and desperation that can result from this crisis, for their safety, we are not having our technicians alone at an ATM after dark.

    We are here to serve, we are fully operational, we are following CDC guidelines and we are watching the daily progression of the virus. Our hearts, thoughts, and prayers go out to the individuals and their families affected by this virus.

QDS COVID-19 ATM Cleaning Guide

ATM Cleaning Guide

Please review the following instructions to see how QDS is advising their staff and you to stay safe and clean with your machines! 

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Best Practices for Operating TCRs

In today’s COVID-19 environment, fully leveraging the benefits of teller cash recyclers (TCR) is paramount.  Cash recycling reduces the opportunity for multiple touchpoints, expedites the cash handling process, and ultimately provides a safer workspace for staff and improves customer experience.

As a leader in cash automation solutions, QDS would like to reinforce a few key best practices when operating TCRs:

Stop Manual Counting

There is no reason for tellers to manually count cash deposits and withdrawals when using a TCR. Trust your TCR to do the dirty work while eliminating unnecessary touchpoints and reducing customer wait times in the process. In doing so, we typically see average cash handling time reduced from 45 seconds to 8 seconds per transaction.

Automate Cash Audits

Eliminating manual audits eliminates unnecessary touchpoints, reduces cash exposure, and dramatically speeds up the audit process. The Hyosung MS500 TCR provides the option to self-audit part or all its content without physically removing cash from the unit.

Your Cash Recycler is a Floor Vault

Keep your lanes moving by reducing repeated dual-control trips to the vault. Maintaining drawer levels is a major headache. Utilize the TCR as a floor vault and reduce the number of transactions requiring dual control. Doing so can deliver a 90% efficiency gain in supervisors’ time in dealing with vault transactions.

Limit Teller Exposure

Tellers without TCRs must arrive at the branch 15-20 minutes early to find their drawer, count it, and then login to the teller system. With a TCR, they simply show up 5 minutes before open, turn on their PC, and login.

Mixed Deposits and Night Drops

The TCR counts, sorts and scans for counterfeit bills all at the same time, making an extremely efficient process for counting and storing mixed cash – and eliminating unnecessary touchpoints. By storing deposited mixed cash in the machine, it enables the teller to use it on demand for other customer transactions, streamlining and speeding up the rate and accuracy of cash returned.

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