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Video banking provides an accessible, on-demand digital solution to your clients. If you're looking to expand your reach and appeal to modern consumers, we'll guide you through the process of expanding your financial institution's service channel.


Our Video Banking Partner

There is an increasing demand for self-service solutions across all industries, including the financial industry. QDS partners with POPiO to adapt to this market trend and provide for the modern consumer’s desire and need for instant, on-demand service.

POPiO is a video banking solution that gives your clients remote access to banking services anytime, anywhere, and from any device. It is a service that expands your FI’s channel and equips you with the technology to handle transactions and document exchanges virtually both inside and outside of your branches.

By employing virtual tellers, your institution can better serve your clients by offering an adaptable omnichannel that caters to clients in any stage of a transaction process. Clients can engage with a process inside the branch or from a mobile device. As they progress through, they can start and stop this process at any point and from anywhere, accommodating your clients’ and your employees’ schedules.

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Customer Testimonial - Xplore FCU

Testimony from a Happy POPiO Client

Xplore Federal Credit Union has seen great success with the digital banking solution, POPiO. In the following video, QDS CEO, Sean Farrell, sits down with Xplore FCU CEO, Rafael Rondon, to discuss the revolutionary change POPiO made in Xplore's operations. Learn about how Xplore implemented virtual banking and drastically improved the functionality of their branches and expanded beyond them.


  • Top 10% for adoption amongst peers
  • 20% reduction in branch staff
  • 60% increase in number of accounts opened
  • Accounts for 49% of funded loans
  • Over 50% reduction in transaction processing time
  • Over 70% reduction in lost opportunities due to excessive member wait time
  • Reduced branch traffic/smaller branch footprint
  • Currently increasing staff to match the increase in member utilization of the technology

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POPiO Features

While POPiO is a digital service, its many features create a branch-like experience for your clients even as they handle finances digitally. With functionality like document exchange and e-sign, POPiO gives clients the necessary tools to complete the same transactions and processes they would handle physically in your financial institution’s locations.

Some notable features include:
  • Seamless conversations across text, call, and video
  • Compatible across several devices including desktop, mobile, and tablet
  • Document exchange and E-sign
  • Video chat, collaboration, and check deposit
  • Video recordings
  • Screenshare and co-browse
  • Video recordings for quality assurance
  • Presentation sharing
  • Bilingual support
  • And more!

Branch Expansion

POPiO allows you to expand the business hours of your branches and the geographical reach of your institution.

This video banking solution allows clients to manage their finances outside of your FI’s physical locations. With this virtual alternative, your FI can handle your clients’ financial needs without lofty construction or real estate costs for new facilities. This allows you to reach users who may live outside the perimeters of locations your FI can service in-person.

Clients who move outside of your FI’s physical reach can still handle their financial needs through your institution, bettering brand loyalty and strengthening client relationships.


Remote, virtual banking is a convenient solution for clients who cannot easily access and utilize physical branches. Whether your FI is hoping to reach clientele in more rural or secluded areas or those who have busy work schedules, POPiO helps you adapt to your clients’ needs. Employing virtual tellers to assist financial partners allows you to facilitate transactions and financial processes without physical limitations.

POPiO can also assist in supporting your patrons outside of traditional business hours. With access to a digital banking option, your institution can expand hours of operation by employing virtual tellers who can provide service beyond traditional hours from the comfort of their homes.

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