Automation for the Point of Sale


Greater Control & Security

Instantly validate, count and store notes to minimize the risk of shrinkage and theft with smart safe technology for the point of sale.



20% Reduction in Cash on the Floor




Improve Cashier Accountabilty





Reduce Theft & Secure Large Denominations

Automation for a More Secure Point of Sale

Reduce risk at the point of sale, check for counterfeit, and hold employees accountable. Over 90% of internal theft starts with an employee.  Secure your large denomination transactions immediately, initialize the daily deposit and reconcile to the cashier level, real-time and daily.  If you need your POS to integrate with your cash solution, we can help and provide remote visibility, to the transaction level, throughout your footprint.

Smart Safe Technology

Deposit D1-1.jpg

Gunnebo Deposit D1

Smart safe to secure cash and deter shrinkage and theft at the point of sale

Deposit D3-1.png

Gunnebo Deposit D3

Smart safe that provides secure cash deposit to minimize the risk of theft