Customer Service

Cash Automation For Customer Service

Saving Time with Automation

We have multiple drawers that we count down on a daily basis and we wanted to improve our end-of-day process. With automation, we have been able to reduce the time it takes to close out the day by more than 50% and it now takes less than 1 minute to count a drawer.

Teresa Nichols
Wilkes County Tax Office

Increase in Customer Transactions

Free Up Key Personnel

Simplified Reconciliation

Automation for Customer Service

Throughout retail, customer service continues to be a priority to grow the business and execute on revenue. High speed, high capacity solutions allow for more transactions to take place, secure funds, and eliminate trips to the bank allowing your service desk to focus on the customer. Real time inventory reporting provides monitoring of funds to initiate a cash order.

Cash Recycler Technology

CIMA Cash Recycler

CIMA SDM 504 Recycler

Retail recycler perfect for cash in and recycling 


Hyosung MoniSafe 500

Fast, high capacity, cassette based cash recycler for high volume branches

7000 NT5.png

CIMA 7000 Cash Recycler

RSM-based recycler that provides reliability and security