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Expand Relationships For Growth


With CashIntegrity, financial institutions have a tremendous opportunity to embed themselves within their retail customer's marketplace and strenghten the business relationship by providing real value to cash operations.


Increase Treasury Management Margins




Create Long Term Relationships w/ Greater Profitability




Expand Footprint Beyond Brick and Mortar


As banks look for ways to retain customers, automate transactions and reduce overhead, CashIntegrity integrates the retailers daily deposit and sends a file to your financial institution for posting. Each file includes a location ID, deposit amount to be posted same day or next day and does not limit the FI based on proximity. The accompanying managed services provides your FI with consulting, equipment install, training, remote management, remote diagnostic, and a service network. 

Cash Automation Technology


Tidel SERIES-4

Designed with new levels of usability, convenience, and serviceability, the Tidel Series 4 helps retail organizations effectively manage their cash deposits while adapting to the ever-changing needs of their business.